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Kailua, Hawaii, United States
I was born in Claveria, Philippines on September 6, 1984. Presently, I live in Kailua, Hawaii. I'm happily married to Bryn Kaufman and loving being a mother of our son, Zachary Kai. We have a very energetic and very cute Maltese dog, named Snowy.

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Baby Zac has a Guardian Angel

May 22, 2010 at 12:55 am.

I woke up with an excruciating pain in the top of my head. I sat on the bed with my baby in the back, sleeping on his tummy. I tried to figure out what's going on, while I was pulling my hair area where the pain was. For a moment, I thought I had a brain tumor or something. The pain ran down my neck and my left ear.

I was about to panic when I heard baby Zac moved, trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. He was off his pillow so I grabbed him up so I can put back on his pillow....then,  Jesus Christ! A 2-3 inches long centepede crawled out from my baby Zac's underneath! It was hiding under baby Zac in the pillow!

Adrenaline rush, quickly held baby Zac to run towards my husband's room and called that I got bitten by the centepede in my head. So he went down to the garage to get the insects spray. I gave baby Zac to my husband, got the spray, and find the centepede myself to kill it. I moved all the pillows in our bed and there it was! sprayed it, it tried to run away and sprayed it again and boom! it curled in itself, poisoned but fought to live so I crushed it baby Zac's little hard book.

I didn't feel good with my head with the pain, but I was so relief that it didn't bite baby Zac at all not ended up in the emergency room. I always believe that guardian angels always protect babies from harm. With what happened, I was just very emotional that it was incredible that the centepede hiding under baby Zac's tummy, didn't bite him. Thank God and angels for the protection!

Now, I'm just recovering from the centepede bite in my head because i'm sure that was happened, with the icepack in my head. Good thing, the bite is not deadly and non-toxic, so i'm good.

Your Baby Can Read

When a TV commercial of "Your Baby Can Read" appeared on the screen, my husband realized that it might be very helpful for our baby to introduce him to reading for future benefits. So, he ordered it at Amazon.com.

It comes with a lot of stuffs actually. The set includes, 5 DVD set with sliding word cards, 5 lift-a-flap books, 50 word game cards, 82 dual sided cards, correction pen and a re-usable card, and the DVD guide for parents on how to use the mediums.

We've been letting our baby Zac watch the video of first stage of learning. We are absolutely amazed of the attention he's giving to the words. He doesn't watch all of it, but he never misses the nursery rhymes in the middle of the show, "The Twinkle, twinkle little star," and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".  As of now, he started working on his "wave" and "bye-bye" with his arms and we didn't teach him that. He got it from watching the DVD. So, we keep doing the gestures with him so he would always remember. Taking one step at a time, I bet our baby can read too soon. :D