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Kailua, Hawaii, United States
I was born in Claveria, Philippines on September 6, 1984. Presently, I live in Kailua, Hawaii. I'm happily married to Bryn Kaufman and loving being a mother of our son, Zachary Kai. We have a very energetic and very cute Maltese dog, named Snowy.

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Thank you :)

For all who have been visiting my blog..I thank you.. I will try my best to put a time in here so I can share more nice and touching stories for you. I'm happy to know that somehow I lifted up your spirits.. I'll be back again soon.. :)

It's been awhile..

Hi there friends and bloggers!

I know..I know..I wasn't able to update my blog. I wasn't really busy but I just had to attend things in the real life and couldn't keep up. I still have to learn to manage my time. It's my weakness but now, I'm more determined to do it. I'm just so inspired. I received a gift and guess what it is? A life..inside me. Yes, i'm 7 weeks pregnant and i'm feeling sick but so happy :). Here's the first glance of my angel:

Exciting..yes it is! It's our first baby :).