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I was born in Claveria, Philippines on September 6, 1984. Presently, I live in Kailua, Hawaii. I'm happily married to Bryn Kaufman and loving being a mother of our son, Zachary Kai. We have a very energetic and very cute Maltese dog, named Snowy.

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Midmorning. Mr. Jay clapped loudly his hands to get some attention and informally introduced the two Agroforestry researchers from England to the group. Everyone turned around, seeing that two foreign visitors they were just acquainted with, they smiled widely. Ayra was one of them, she stared at Harry who was in his early 30's, with the thoughts she kept only for herself.

Since then Ayra, kept thinking about Harry. She liked it a lot when Harry called her name with that soft English accent, to request for more papers or asked for new pen when his pen ran out of ink or when he noticed that the printer is unplugged though he didn't know that Ayra just unplugged it, so when he called her she could get close to him and smell his perfume. Harry thought that Ayra had that different smile when she saw him, or everytime he's near to her. But he had rather kept it to himself. Ayra thought he's married because she felt being ignored by him, everytime she tried to be so friendly. It's not usual either in the organization to get closed to office mates, maybe because most of the workers were taken or just attraction between them wasn't that open because most of them were out in the field and just saw each other when they log-out from the office. People in the office were also less being personal especially with the new officemates.

One afternoon, Harry and Dean decided to visit one of the crop sites. On their way to the field, they were both always amazed by the beauty of mountains, the wide, green grassland of the town, and the farmers and young kids were waving to them like they're big stars just to warm welcome them. When they arrived to the site, they noticed the group of young farmers, enjoying some drinks and laughs. One of them called Harry and Dean to join their "tuba" drinking delight. They didn't hesitated, as usual, they'd been accepting invitations of these simple people to join chitchats even their English speaking was more than trying hard. And that what made the talking more fun. One farmer tried to talk about his cow gave birth to a calf. "Ah, my cow out the baby cow from her "bibingka" today..yes...true!" and the crowd laughed out loud. "Oh! is that what you call it here, "bibingka?" Harry didn't help but to ask. He knew some Filipino words, usual greetings for couple of days in town. So much for the pleasure of drinking, the farmers had to go back to the fields, and so Dean and Harry had to continue their jobs.

Wednesday afternoon is a sport's day of the organization. The workers formed themselves in two teams to play volleyball against each other. It was fun for them, especially for Ayra. She's always happy seeing Harry playing good at it, and she's more happy that they're together in the team. Everytime they win, they group hugged, and took that advantage to hug Harry for herself, and felt so content for awhile touching him. Harry smiled, feeling that affection everytime he hugs her. Ayra saw Aling Ising walking her goods around the volleyball court. She sold peanuts and "bibingka."

"Hey, Harry u want to eat "bibingka?" Ayra asked innocently. "What?!" Harry was quite surprised. "Bibingka, it's delicious, you will like it." Ayra exclaimed. Dean was laughing behind them, when he heard Ayra talking "bibingka." "Oh, yeah..sure, would love it eh." Harry couldn't help but chuckled. "So, Ayra, you eat bibingka too?" Dean asked while grinning. "Yes, always..but what's funny? If you don't like it, just say no." Dean laughed more out loud and the group started to get curious what's happening. Harry remained puzzled about Ayra's being innocent about bibingka. "Okay, whatever! I'll just buy my own bibingka." Ayra walked out from them. One of the officemates asked why such laughs. "Ayra said, she eats bibingka..isn't it bibingka is the thing of the woman?"Harry was amused. "Ahahaahaha!," laughed the officemate. "Guess you were being rude to Ayra then Harry, bibingka is actually a rice cake, some people just used that word here to slang that thing of a woman." Harry and Dean were shocked to know the true meaning of bibingka, but they still laughed about it.

When Ayra knew about why Harry and Dean reacted funny to bibingka. She was very embarrassed though she wasn't blaming the two. The latter didn't know the true bibingka which is a real rice cake. But she couldn't avoid to feel a little humiliation..yet, she didn't avoid herself to keep staring to Harry. Harry didn't say sorry or anything, that's why she felt more uncomfortable about being close to him eventually. If only he said sorry about it, she would feel fine.

Farewell meal of the two researchers, they were having speeches on gratitude. They had to go back to England now that they finished their researches. The boys had to ride to the city to catch their flight. Ayra couldn't help to feel weary, while looking at Harry talking in front of them. It's gonna be end just like that. She sighed and smiled, couldn't believe herself, dreaming about she and Harry being together. It was a sweet dream though, she thought. It's time to leave for the men, the workers waved goodbye and so did Ayra. But she was very surprised when Harry walked towards her and gave a piece of paper and smiled. "Read it later," Harry whispered, and hurriedly got back to the car. Ayra quietly watched their car disappeared then she opened the little scented paper. "I'll keep writing to you..I'll come back then we will have bibingka together." Ayra laughed with her tears of joy. Her happiness happened when she least expected it.

After a month. Harry went back to Ayra's town. This time, he took a one-year contract to work a project in the organization, so he could stay longer with Ayra. They got engaged after few months. Harry learned to bake that special bibingka from Aling Ising.To propose to Ayra, he put the ring in the top of bibingka and bended in front of her, romantically. Memorable, indeed. Yes, now they're happily married.