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Kailua, Hawaii, United States
I was born in Claveria, Philippines on September 6, 1984. Presently, I live in Kailua, Hawaii. I'm happily married to Bryn Kaufman and loving being a mother of our son, Zachary Kai. We have a very energetic and very cute Maltese dog, named Snowy.

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The Man and the Windsurfer

The Man

He is the gentlest man I have ever known in my life. His gestures and actions are just fine respectable. He talks very calm though he knows how to raise his voice when he lost his temper. He doesn't have patience like heaven but he's willing to go along. He just can sit all day long in front of his computer as his jobs demand it, but of course he still takes breaks for meals and nature calls. He walks our dog as a neccessity, and to smell the air outdoors and during the evening, to star gaze.

The Windsurfer
When the sun is out, the wind is blowing and feels like summer, he checks the wind forecaster to decide which sails to use. He packs his foods, he prepares his gears in his car, he kisses us goodbye and off he goes to the beach. At the beach, he assembles his sails and everything. He has the strenghts to lift his board and sail to the water and jas the courage to prepare himself to explore the ocean. Sometimes he's goes slow, like my man in his daily life, sometimes he has a blast like a windsurfer. Appreciating the beauty of the ocean, having an exercise, having fun, sharing surfing stuffs with other beach mates, he's just as cool as he can be.

My husband, is the man and the windsurfer.