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I was born in Claveria, Philippines on September 6, 1984. Presently, I live in Kailua, Hawaii. I'm happily married to Bryn Kaufman and loving being a mother of our son, Zachary Kai. We have a very energetic and very cute Maltese dog, named Snowy.

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Zachary's first visit to the US Mainland

Summer of  2010

June 19,  evening. Our flight by Continental Airline to Newark was two hours delayed. But our 10 month-old Zachary managed to entertain himself with the old folks, also passengers waiting. He's such a friendly, smiling little booboo. Most of the women were charmed by his big head, small face, chubby cheeks and bright eyes.

Inside the plane, Zachary made a good impression to the passengers, especially the lady sitting beside us. They became friends and she's very entertained by him. I didn't have good rest and my back ached though. But it could have been worse if there was no bassinet. He's a big boy now and can't hold him long anymore. He slept in a bassinet then I danced him when he woke up yet still tired.

June 20, midday. We arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport, my second time! Daddy made a mistake renting our car the other day then realized that our car was too small for all our luggage. It took us 3 hours to get out finally from the airport. Zachary even napped in my arms in the rental car office, at the stairs. Drove almost 2 hours to Washington Crossing, PA, where Zachary's grandfather (Opa Walt) and step-grandma (Nana Peg) live, Zac slept more in his car seat until we arrived at his Opa's house.

June 20-22, nights..exhausting nights. Zachary wasn't adjusted to time change at all. It's 6 hours time earlier than Hawaii time. He napped at 8:00 pm, woke up at 10:00 pm, played, crawled and etc then at between 2-3 am we drove around for him to go back to sleep. By 4 am he started sleeping till 10 am. I fed him his breakfast that late and had later lunch, after lunch, he napped again for an hour. How about us? Very exhausted. I drank coffee for twice a day just to keep up. His dad had to get some sleep though because he drives.

It was fun, meeting the family again. It was great to meet Zac's cousins and uncles and aunties and family friends. We even met one of the family friends, Marion,  a very intelligent woman, the mother of Jon Stewart (of The Daily Show of Jon Stewart) and she gave a book as a present to Zachary. We also met the babysitter of my husband's when he was a baby and all other wonderful people.  (Nana, holding Zac and Ms. Marion, smiling)

June 23, midday. We drove to Marlton, New Jersey to see my husband's mother and her husband, Zachary's Nana Nancy and Grandpa Jerry. It took us like more than an hour to get there and Zachary just slept the whole ride, which is really incredible.

June 24-25 with "Whisper" a wheaten terrier dog. She's a very loving dog and she loves Zachary. Every time he cries, Whisper worries. He loves his Nana very much, they even have great pictures together. Though his sleeps were still in the same pattern like the other nights.

June 25, afternoon. Started driving from Marlton, New Jersey to pass New York to arrive at Connecticut. The longest ride I ever did. We stopped at some scenic spots to stretch and rest for few minutes. Zachary slept most of the time, and every time he's awake, I did all my best to entertain him. I just got to do everything, aside from feeding him so he won't get bored. So I didn't sleep to with our driver, my husband and his mom so we can all help to take the right direction. After 8 hours, we were still driving in a winding road, so dark that the fireflies look like stars and finally arrived at the Milavsky residence, where Nana's sister and her husband live.

June 26-28. Storrs, Connecticut - the Gordon Family reunion. The first time they met Zachary and he was such a bundle of joy to everyone. His favorite uncle Joe, just made him laugh and smile at all time. The house is great and big. It's in the middle of the woods, which is really beautiful, so green and lushly, full of life and beautiful wild flowers. It was so great to be there adding the wonderful family we belong to now. They're such nice people, friendly, funny, artistic and good-looking. I will not be surprised, when someday Zachary will be known for an art.

June 28, evening. We arrived at the Newark Marriott Hotel, stayed there for a night before flying back to Hawaii. We met my friend, Tessie (with her husband), who's been my friend for a long time and shared a boarding house with her way back in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. It was an exciting experience knowing that we met again, here in the US.

June 29, evening. Back in Hawaii (after 10 hours flight)! the vacation went so fast. We were all tired but thanked God for we made it. It wasn't easy for taking a baby this age in a flight but we survived and we learned a lot. Because of my not-so-good sleep nights during my vacation, I started appreciating my interrupted sleeps with baby Zac at home and feel good waking up in the morning without red eyes :).